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Sweet Medicine Nation (Chickasaw/Choctaw/French/Irish) is a gifted artist, educator, lecturer, and healer who guides and initiates personal growth in others with her eloquence, wisdom, and gift for serving others. She awakens us to the personal and social value of earth stewardship, honoring the wisdom of natural ways to benefit ourselves and Mother Earth.

Sweet Medicine is involved in numerous local and International groups, federal agencies, endangered species research, and riparian studies and education. She is also a master of edible and medicinal plants of the local region in Central Oregon. Her background in Alternative Medicine, Midwifery, and herbology, along with her written articles and books based on medicinal and edible native plants, compliments her heritage and love of sharing natural knowledge.

She is the founder and has served as the President of the Four Winds Foundation in Oregon for over 25 years.
Four Winds Foundation is dedicated to the spiritual evolution of humanity, offering indigenous wisdom through sacred ceremony and education.


Sweat Lodges are a time for cleansing, purifying, and connecting to Spirit and the community. The ceremony takes place in a small, covered willow structure, where water is poured onto heated stones to create steam. Sweating is not only a physical purification, but a spiritual one. Many emotions, thoughts, and personal things may come up during a sweat as we purge what we no longer need.Sweet Medicine pours water (leads sweat lodges) for groups and individuals.


Cutting Away Ceremony
If  something is holding you back from living the life you truly want and deserve to live, whether it is a relationship, job, location, or something of the past, this is a powerful ceremony to commence. It helps one to find a new perspective and clear insight into how to move forward.


Vision Quest Ceremony
Vision Quest is a rite of passage in many Native American cultures. The ceremony of the Vision Quest is one of the most universal and ancient means to find spiritual guidance and purpose for ones life. A Vision Quest offers clarity into the next phase of life.Vision Quest is usually four days and four nights of fasting in nature within a sacred altar. People who go on a Vision Quest are called Pledges. When someone is going on a Vision Quest, we call it “being planted on the hill” or “going on the mountain.” Pledges go through extensive preparations to be planted on the Hill. Each pledge is planted in their own sacred altars during which time they are seeking a vision. In our way, the Great Mystery is another name for Great Spirit, the source of life, or God. Pledges dive deep into their soul connection with Great Mystery while fasting on the mountain. This is also known as “seeking a vision.” The Pledges fast and pray day and night, asking for this connection, and they wait for the answer to their prayers.


Joining Ceremonies & Weddings
I can work with you to create the ceremony you have always wanted. Incorporate symbols and ritual that are meaningful to you as a couple and create an unforgettable sacred joining ceremony.Sweet Medicine worked with us to design a ceremony that was unique to our special spiritual connection with one another. It was the most beautiful ceremony of my life and I highly recommend her services.
– Amara and Dreamer May, 2013


Recovery through Feather Doctoring
A non physical ancient art of doctoring with a feather clears the energy around you. It will help you gain a breath of fresh air and relax from the inner tensions of life.

Lecture and instructed at Central Oregon Community College, Bend, Oregon in Medical Anthropology classes for 6 years.

Taught  thousands, via conferences, small local and world wide groups, focusing on Present times using Ancient Ways of seeing.
Artist in Songs, and  Ceremonies that honor the Seen Sacred Rites of Passage, Birthing ,Naming, Sweat lodge, Vision Quest, Sun Dance Head woman dancer, instructions on how to carry the Passover bundles,  Making relations and have participated in both Moon/Star and Spirit/Ghost Dances.
Asssiting/supporting other Communities and Dances communities for the past 28 years.
collaborations today
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